Looking for a fulfilling intimate connection?

Sex therapy is more than just talk; it’s a transformative journey to rediscover the connection between mind and body, and getting the sex life you want. 

In an environment of trust and confidentiality, we explore your concerns in depth, employing innovative, evidence-based strategies to address sexual challenges.

Whether you are seeking counseling as an individual or a couple, these are some of the concerns we address:

  • Low desire & desire disparities in relationships.
  • Overcoming intimacy anxieties and fears, including performance anxiety.
  • Navigating intimacy throughout major life transitions.
  • Menopause: addressing the physical, emotional, and sexual issues associated with it.
  • Pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, and rapid ejaculation.
  • Obsessive, compulsive and out-of-control sexual behaviors, including the excessive use of pornography.
  • Re-establishing trust and intimacy post-affair
  • Intimacy Chat: Learning to talk about your desires, fostering deeper and intimate connections with your partner.

In the dance of life, pleasure sets the rhythm. Embrace the beat and find balance in your life. Let us be the compass!

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