Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy designed to help individuals and couples to reconnect with their own body and have the sex life they want.

In a safe and confidential environment, sexual issues are addressed directly using research-based approaches and theories.

Our sex therapist specializes in:

  • Low desire and sexual desire disparities in couples
  • Anxiety, avoiding and fearing intimacy: “performance anxiety”
  • Intimacy after big changes/transitions in life: childbirth, menopause, divorce, illness, mental and physical disabilities
  • Pain during intercourse due to genito-pelvic pain, vaginal dryness or arousal disorder.
  • Difficulties getting and/or maintaining erections
  • Premature ejaculation and pre-orgasmic disorder
  • Obsessive, compulsive and/or out-of-control sexual behaviors (including pornography)
  • Rebuilding intimacy and trust after an affair
  • “Let’s talk about sex”: how to address topics related to sex, sexual desires and intimacy with your partner.

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