Imagine rejuvenating your relationship from the comfort of your sofa. Whether you’re side-by-side or miles apart, welcome to our cozy, traffic-free virtual office at Notus Counseling.

Because Every Love Story Is Unique…

At Notus Counseling, we celebrate the uniqueness of each couple. We blend the well-known Gottman method for couples therapy, with elements from Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Attachment Theory. Our goal? To craft sessions that match your needs.

Relationship Challenges? We’ve Got You!

We specialize in assisting couples through:

  • Feelings of disconnection and communication breakdowns.
  • Juggling parenting, chores, career, leisure, and intimate moments.
  • Mending the pain of affairs and breaches of trust.
  • Deepening commitment, compromising, and finding shared purpose.
  • Dealing with extended family dynamics.
  • Enhancing understanding, improving listening skills, and accepting your partner’s perspective. Turning toward instead of away.
  • Supporting couples going through separation or divorce.

“Successful marriages are not built on grand gestures or one-time events. They are built on small, everyday acts of kindness.”

– John Gottman

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